SOLD: Buckhorn Ranch Subdivision


The end of a saga and the beginning of a new era! Pleased to promote my sale of 90 parcels located at the rural Crested Butte subdivision of Buckhorn Ranch located about 3 miles from downtown Crested Butte. I listed and sold the 90 parcels owned by the bank that foreclosed on Buckhorn Ranch’s former developer. After 8 years of pre and post foreclosure proceedings the 90 parcels were made available for sale in August 2017. The first 14 parcels sold quickly to individual investors and the remaining 76 parcels sold to one investment group this week completing the sale. The parcels comprised various locations around Buckhorn Ranch including 15 parcels of multi-family zoned land referred to as the M1 and various small lot single family homesites located in the M2 and M3 neighborhoods. Also, the majority of fly-in, fly-out parcels located in the Crested Butte Airpark portion of the community sold off and various larger single family parcels located on Buckhorn Way, N. Avion and Lakeridge Drive also sold off. Total sales price was $4,847,000.

This is an exciting time for Buckhorn Ranch. Many new custom homes have been built over the past two years and currently six single family spec homes are under construction and available for sale. The community includes many year round residents and some 2nd homeowners. Other than amazing panoramic views, Buckhorn Ranch enjoys quick access to local National Forest biking and hiking trails and the town of Crested Butte and the ski resort in Mt. Crested Butte are a quick drive away.


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