Recent 2011 Media Highlights for Crested Butte Colorado

Wintertime in Crested Butte Colorado

Wintertime in Crested Butte Colorado

Crested Butte has received some very nice attention from the popular media in recent weeks. If anything, its fun to read how the rest of the world perceives our community and our lifestyle.

Enjoy. published this article about Crested Butte’s lifestyle and the winter recreation scene. View Article

The Glenwood Springs Post Independent just ran a piece about the 20-year dream of Hjalmar “Hal” Sundin. His dream finally came true with the publication of his first (and probably only) book, “Law and Disorder in Crested Butte.” View Article

The Chicago Tribune published a recent article about Crested Butte that began with the following: “If long lift lines, copycat resort villages and spiking prices have muted the joy of your recent ski trips, the ski doctor prescribes a few days in Crested Butte to refresh your senses.” View Article published a piece titled the The West’s Top 10 Dream Towns. Crested Butte ranked 3rd. View Article seems to be in love with Crested Butte. “Crested Butte rubs off on you. The same way you pick up a drawl after spending time with Southerners, you can’t help but take on a CB affect, with endless gratitude and perhaps a dash of smug satisfaction for having been lucky and/or smart enough to land here.” View Article

The Houston Chronicle recently dubbed Crested Butte, “….close to perfection….A tidy clump of picturesque Victorian blocks laid out beneath Mount Crested Butte – the 12,000-foot mass of craggy rock and pine that engulfs the horizon – the town is equal parts cushy ski resort and ecofriendly hippie haven.View Article

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