Buckhorn Ranch Takes Positive New Direction

For quite some time there has been an onslaught of negative press, negative talk, and all around negative PR surrounding the Buckhorn Ranch neighborhood located just south of Crested Butte. On December 5th the Buckhorn Ranch HOA successfully accomplished several important milestones. The first being the election and installment of three new, neutral board members to the Board of Directors. The elected officers are:  Ben Somrak as President, Trevor Maltby as Vice-president and Channing Boucher as the Secretary/Treasurer. 

We want to make it clear to the Crested Butte community that this positive and driven board is ready to tackle any Buckhorn Ranch related issues going forward.  With that said, we want to put the negativity behind us. After all, doing the same thing twice and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  As we all know, in a small town people talk and the next person to hear the story gets a little different version, so on and so forth, and it becomes a community-wide game of "telephone." 

We simply cannot keep acting negatively and expecting a different outcome.  This new Board of Directors is very prepared and qualified and we all feel great about our new direction. 

The second item we accomplished at the meeting was approving a settlement agreement that effectively ends the litigation that plagued this development over the last 3 years.

Finally, the new Board of Directors wants to clear up some misconceptions about Buckhorn Ranch: 1. There is no more lawsuit. 2. There is no issue with freezing water lines. 3. We enjoy a fully functioning and reliable water and sanitation infrastructure. 4. The newly chip-sealed roadways are intact and will undergo planned maintenance in the spring of 2010. 5. We do have a punch list of action items to address and we will resolve these issues. 6. The HOA is financially sound and we plan to begin value-add improvements to our development in 2010. 7. Most importantly, it’s a great place to live – just ask anyone that calls Buckhorn Ranch home!

We all encourage anyone with questions, including the media to contact us directly with any questions.  You can also check out www.buckhornhoa.com for up to date information regarding the community.

Thank you,

Ben Somrak, Trevor Maltby, and Channing Boucher


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