Colorado Ski Resorts, Recession Proof?

Good morning, More than 5.5 million skiers and snowboarders visited Colorado’s 26 major ski resorts in January and February, Colorado Ski Country USA, the ski-area trade association, reported Monday. The tally, which exceeded industry expectations, represents a nearly 7 percent seasonal increase to date. Recession or not, people love skiing and the Colorado snow has Read More >

Fractional Real Estate in the Butte

Good morning, Interesting comments today about the future of fractional real estate in Crested Butte from John Hess – the town’s director of planning and community development. According to yesterday’s article in the Grand Junction Sentinel, Mr. Hess states that we’re not a resort and we’ve never bought into the idea of being a resort. Hmmmm. Maybe we’re a mining community with Read More >

Loan Limits Are Raised But Not In Gunnison County

Good morning, A sizable increase in key mortgage limits was announced Thursday. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the quasi-governmental companies that underwrite the majority of the nation’s home loans, are now offering "conventional" mortgages well above the $417,000 previous limits – all the way up to over $715,000 in some counties around the USA.  This Read More >