Year to Date Real Estate Report

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Here is a current market analysis for the entire Gunnison County real estate market. The bottom line for our market this year? Prices and Volume are UP. Slightly higher interest rates haven’t had that much impact on the market. Buyers are buying into Crested Butte because the market still represents great opportunity for substantial mid and long term value gains.

For the north end our valley including the markets of Crested Butte, Rural Crested Butte, Mt. Crested Butte, Rural Mt. Crested Butte, Irwin and Crested Butte South the following has occurred:

165 listings have sold representing just over $ 101 million in transaction volume. Of these 165 sales, 96 listings were residential properties amounting to $ 67 million in volume. The average sales price of a residential property was $699,000. 

Year to Date 2006 for all of Gunnison County including all other areas the following occurred:

357 listings have sold which represents just over $ 143 million in transaction volume.
213 of these were residential properties amounting to over $ 95 million in volume. The average selling price for residential properties was $450,000.

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