Winter Bookings Looking Good

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This winter season’s bookings are looking good for Crested Butte Mountain Resort. Jeff Moffett of Crested Butte Vacations reports positive numbers in an article today.

Borrowed from The Industry Report – September 22, 2008

….Checking in with Jeff Moffett of Crested Butte Central Reservations in Colorado, found bookings in three major areas ahead of last year at this time.

"We’ve been in the neighborhood of 400,000 skier visits the last couple of years, and if early trends continue, wholesale sales (through companies like or, group and conference sales, and central reservation sales are all pacing ahead of last year," he told us.

Moffett said he feels very confident that "with an average-to-good snow year we’ll outpace that 400,000 figure. Those three distribution channels account for most of the lodging that’s booked, and all three of those are up over last year."

He said increased airline flights to Crested Butte from Atlanta, Salt Lake City, Chicago, and Denver are making the difference. "It’s much easier to get here, and we’re able to sell the higher fares."

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