Bill & Jill Kobrin

Channing consistently updated us on the state-of-the-market as well as relevant sales and was always quick to respond to any communication.  With Channing, we had a partner who was as interested in selling our property as we were. Channing actively managing our listing… our property was featured in several emails and advertisements. Channing also made sure that as the season changed, the photos of our property were updated, looked professional and made our property look appealing. Channing helping the eventual buyers “discover” our property and used his knowledge, experience and skills to help them with their decision to submit an offer. There are many details that can make or break a sale and Channing was proactive and made sure he had the answers for any objections or concerns from the buyers. Our property closed successful and we are convinced the reason it sold is because of the efforts and experience of Channing.

Bill Kobrin

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