Sold in Crested Butte: 119 9th Street


I am pleased to announce another successful real estate transaction here in Crested Butte Colorado. The property located at 119 9th Street was recognized as the Town of Crested Butte’s Sustainable Home of the Year in 2005. Some of the design features that make the home so efficient include: a shallow, frost-protected foundation that serves as the finished floor as well as thermal mass to store and radiate heat from the in-floor heating system, active solar thermal water heating, foam sheathing that serves as a thermal barrier, high density cellulose wall cavity insulation, closed cell spray foam roof insulation, use of E-Star Rated and recycled appliance and fixtures, substantial use of locally harvested, recycled and certified sustainable lumber for framing, flooring, decking, ceilings and siding, preservative-free dry-wall mud, natural earth pigment for wall color and a natural wax-oil floor finish.

The property is deed restricted to qualifying local residents of Gunnison County. The home sold for $484,000.



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