U.S. Ski Resort Business Not All That Bad

Ski resorts in the United States have shown steady increases in revenue over the last five years, according to the research firm IbisWorld.  The New York Times ran an article recently about the results of an IbisWorld report on the state of the United States ski resort industry.  Seems like all we hear and read about these days is news of bankruptcies and ski resort failures but according to IbisWorld U.S. ski resorts continue to rack up revenues.  As a matter of fact, in 2009 the U.S. ski resort industry reached $2.6 billion in revenues.  And, IbisWorld is forecasting a 6% increase for 2010 – or $2.72 billion in forecasted revenues!  Another interesting piece of data? The ski industry’s biggest companies — Intrawest and Vail Resorts — now attract 51 percent of industry revenue.

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