Safe Harbor in Crested Butte

Good day from snowy Crested Butte,

The snow is falling, pre-ski season bookings are steady and visitors are about to enjoy some serious direct winter jet service to Gunnison from various major cities around the United States! The ski area opens at Thanksgiving!

And, in the face of the national credit crisis and Wall Street meltdown, real estate investors are stepping up to the plate here in Crested Butte to snap up some very nice properties. A look at the year-to-date numbers and some very interesting market stats have developed. Transaction numbers and sales volume have picked up in recent days and some hi-flyer sales have closed around the valley. A 35 acre ranch parcel at Smith Hill Ranches just sold for $1,500,000. Two homes in Skyland are under contract (seven figure range) and last month a developer bought up 20 parcels at Buckhorn Ranch.

With almost half of our 2008 transactions representing "all-cash" deals, it is becoming obvious around town that investors consider Crested Butte a "safe harbor" for investment money. We’re pushing 100 residential deals year-to-date and 20% of these deals were valued at a million dollars or more.

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Channing Boucher
Crested Butte Real Estate Agent
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