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Outside Magazine’s November 2009 edition lists Crested Butte as one of America’s top ski resort destinations. Local Murray Wais, executive producer for top ski filmmaker Matchstick Productions, put it in perspective for Outside Magazine: “Crested Butte has the steepest untamed skiing in Colorado, a state known for luxury resorts and groomed runs. Here it’s steep and cheap—the lodging is mid-level luxury. We aren’t on the giant strip mall that is I-70. Look, there’s no better place to ski than Vail if you love groomed runs. But if you think grooming sucks and you’re a fun-loving powder skier, Crested Butte is the place for you. It’s unique because it’s a community. We fight malls, sprawl, and waste. No one wears fur here. There is no Prada or Gucci. The only chain stores are the gas stations.”

MURRAY’S HOT LOCAL TIP:  “Get up early and head to Camp 4 Coffee: the best Americano in the world. I know—I’ve been making movies for 16 years and have drunk coffee all over the globe. Have a cup and head to the hill.”

A Look Back: 2009 – A Jekyll and Hyde Market

As we head into the new ski season in Crested Butte, it’s time for a look at this year’s real estate sales results and how our current market stacks up to previous years. 2009’s market might be remembered for it’s Jekyll and Hyde behavior. From January to May our market stalled out. Sales flat lined. Realtors reported lots of shopping activity but buyers sat on fences…and it felt like nobody was buying anything. Sellers were forced to be patient and some reduced their offer prices significantly to get a property sold.

Then, the market pulled a 180 degree turn and from May to the end of September buyers simply jumped back in and started buying. We experienced a good old fashioned rebound and actually beat 2008 sales results for July through September. And, we witnessed a record breaking, $2 million+ sale for a home in the Town of Crested Butte and a spec home in Mt. Crested Butte fetched almost $3 million.

Feel free to download and share the market information below. These documents were prepared by Benson Sotheby’s International Realty. They are in a printable PDF format.

Home Sales – 2009 | Condo Sales – 2009 |

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