Impact of the $55 Million School Bond

Hello from very snowy Crested Butte,

The impact of the $55 million Gunnison/Crested Butte school district bond (3A) passing this year is beginning to be felt around the valley. The school district will be granting $43 million worth of construction business which will include improvements and expansion to the area’s six school facilities. Work is planned to begin soon and many area contractors and subs are positioning themselves to bid for the vast amount of work to be done. This work is great timing for the construction trades because after a 4 year run of "around the clock" home and condo development in this valley things have started to slow down.

Aside from this serious economic injection in the short run, long term impacts are starting to take shape for our community.  I am meeting more and more families that have relocated here since the Muellers bought the ski area in 2004.  Of all of the real estate that I sold this year, 4 of the clients I helped were moving here full time, relocating because of a career or lifestyle switch. The quality of the Crested Butte Community School attracted them and now that the school bond just passed the future is looking even brighter for our children.

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Channing Boucher
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