Highest Green Golf Course in the World?

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Interesting letter to NY Time’s editor Jeff Klein about high altitude golf courses. His claim about Gulmarg Golf Club in Kashmir has been refuted by Crested Butte’s part time resident Richard Moody. Thanks for the clarification Mr. Moody. The tee at the 13th Hole at the Club at Crested Butte is not only the highest point on the course (9003 ft.) but the hole is also the number 1 handicap hole on the course – long with a big dog leg and plenty of ‘gorse’ to lose an errant shot.

Golf at altitude presents its own set of challenges. When you play up here the golf ball flies Tee shots will go farther than ever. The real test comes with approach shots and your iron play. Judging distances inside 170 yards is very challenging. The ‘delta’ between a soft hit 9 iron and a hard hit 9 iron can be as much as 40 yards. Add in the afternoon Colorado winds and you’re in for a real good test of golf.

The Club at Crested Butte is open as of May 15. The course is green and some locals are saying it is in the best shape ever for the beginning of the season.

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Published in the NY Times : February 26, 2006

To the editor: In ”Himalayas: Teeing Off Amid Peaks at 8,000 feet” (Jan. 22), Jeff Z. Klein refers to the Gulmarg Golf Club in Kashmir as claiming to be the world’s highest ”green” golf course at 8,960 feet. Gulmarg’s claim, however, must be incorrect.

The Club at Crested Butte, Colo., a very ”green” golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II, sits with its 13th tee at 9,003 feet against a spectacular backdrop of 12,000-foot Rocky Mountain peaks.

During the winter months, the golf course lies beneath the deep snow pack, which provides for the superb skiing available on nearby Mount Crested Butte. It is this melted snow, plus the judicious use of watering, which makes the Club at Crested Butte one of the highest ”green” golf courses in the world and certainly a few feet higher than Gulmarg.

Richard Moody
Princeton Junction, N.J.

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