Happy Holidays from Crested Butte

Happy Holidays !

Chris Taylor of Stewart Title in Crested Butte and I took the Gunnison County Assessor’s database apart and rebuilt the numbers for our local market. With all of the new development going on around here, developer-direct sales make up a big chunk of the activity and For Sale By Owner transactions also add something to the totals. The MLS doesn’t reflect these sales so its important to go deep on the data. See the graph below. In the last four years we’ve sold over a billion dollars in real estate! For the complete 8-year detailed report please contact me directly.

Recently, I attended a local presentation from National Valuation Consultants Inc. (NVA). NVA does valuation and appraisal work on much of the Western ski and summer resort markets. Their client list includes CBMR and they were kind enough to cough up some of their expensive data to our broker community. NVA’s representative stated bluntly in her presentation that Crested Butte has more potential for real estate growth than any other resort market they have researched.

This is a strong statement considering NVA’s affinity for markets like Telluride, Aspen, Vail/Beaver Creek, Steamboat, North Lake Tahoe and Whistler. Go here to download the report (PDF).

8 Year Sales Totals for our Local Market – Crested Butte South to Mt. Crested Butte
2000: $137,071,600
2001: $80,210,600
2002: $82,459,900
2003: $103,994,100
2004: $275,050,350
2005: $324,746,800
2006: $313,522,600
2007: $195,275,800*
*thru November 2007 

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