Fractional Real Estate in the Butte

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Interesting comments today about the future of fractional real estate in Crested Butte from John Hess – the town’s director of planning and community development. According to yesterday’s article in the Grand Junction Sentinel, Mr. Hess states that we’re not a resort and we’ve never bought into the idea of being a resort. Hmmmm. Maybe we’re a mining community with a ski area?

“Timeshares are very much a resort product, but we’ve never actually bought into ourselves as a resort,” he said. “We have a tourist economy but are very protective of our community as a community. We don’t relate much to places like Vail.” – John Hess

His comments are reaction to a proposed 60,000 square-foot fractional real estate development in Crested Butte. To me, fractional real estate means one thing: lodging tax revenues for the Town of Crested Butte. As long as the fractionalized real estate is available for short term vacation rentals the town will benefit greatly. Read the article here.

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