CBMR Getting Closer on Snodgrass

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The last and final report on the geologic factors and safety of Snodgrass Mountain was released last week. Now, Crested Butte Mountain Resort – CBMR expects to give the U.S. Forest Service it’s official proposal to expand the skiing to Snodgrass Mountain by March of this year. The report from the U.S. Geological Survey included warnings regarding ski area expansion to particular areas of Snodgrass Mountain.

From CBMR’s perspective, the USGS report identifies areas of the new ski mountain to avoid and of course, the report marks the end of a long and much discussed, pre-National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) application process. CBMR is now in a position to apply for it’s official ski resort expansion proposal.

Satellite Map of Crested Butte Mountain Resort, the future home of North Village and the location of Snodgrass Mountain and the future expansion of the ski area.

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