Almost a Record – Over 12 million Skier Visits

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This week in Crested Butte, the Colorado Ski Country USA trade group gathered for their annual meeting to review the results of the 2007-2008 ski season. As one might imagine, the record snowfalls recorded throughout the 26 Colorado Ski Country USA member resorts resulted in big time skier visit numbers.

The 26 ski resorts throughout our state realized 12,535,913 skier days during the 2007-08 season. This was almost a record and second only to last season’s record total of 12,566,299.

The abundant snow and weak U.S. dollar also attracted foreign skiers. Colorado saw a 21-percent jump in international skier visits.

“The fact that Colorado Ski Country achieved more than 12 and a half million skier visits in a year that had its share of distractions says great things about the Colorado brand, the dedication of our guests and the caliber of our member resorts,” said outgoing Ski Country president and CEO Rob Perlman.

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